Planned Breedings


Adding a puppy of any breed should be a family commitment.  Not one to be taken lightly and is no way a short journey.  If you feel you have a good home and time to share with an English Toy Spaniel, please contact us.


When looking for your next puppy.....

Look for puppies from tested parents.  There are many tests that are important, but for us the big 4 are:​


  • ​Hearing (BAER)

  • ​Eyes (CERF)

  • ​Patellas (OFA)

  • ​Heart (OFA)


Questions to ask yourself.....


Do the breeders show their dogs?  No, not just purchase dogs with great lines, but actually show and finish their own dogs. 

Are the parents finished?  Its the best way to evaluate temperament and conformation.

Am I purchasing a dog from a pet shop or puppy mill? If you are not sure, stop by and visit.

Are my breeders active members of the English Toy Club of America?  Members follow a strict code of ethics for the betterment of the breed.


Ask for references and do your homework. Your next puppy is a big commitment, be sure to ask a lot of questions and verify statements made. 

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