With their exclusive tastes in people, to be loved by a Charlie is an intimate experience.


The English Toy Spaniel, or King Charles Spaniel as he is known by Royal Proclamation in the United Kingdom was bred to be the aristocratic and aloof playmate of royalty.

Keeping names straight in this breed can be confusing. English Toy Spaniels are affectionately referred to as E.T.s' or Charlies'. These are not to be confused with their cousins, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are usually called Cavaliers.

The English Toy Spaniel is a soft and quiet dog with a merry and sometimes mischievous demeanor. Charlies are more likely to choose their owner than to love everyone. Personalities range from the solitary to the gregarious but Charlies always have their preferred loved ones. Many Charlies are likely to become shy when confronted with situations or people they are unfamiliar with. With their short noses and their exclusive tastes in people, to be loved by a Charlie is a very intimate experience. In addition, Charlies can be little clowns and show-offs whose antics can entertain in unexpected ways.



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